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 S.A.B.'s Snowball Shoppe

Bringing Sweet Treats to Your Parties

Everyone looks forward to something sweet to cap a meal. And when it comes to serving dessert at parties and other occasions, you can count on S.A.B.’s Snowball Shoppe in Brusly, Louisiana!

Let us fill your party with happiness with our yummy, sweet ice desserts! We have a food truck that is full of snowballs and other snacks that your guests, especially kids, will surely enjoy. 

Give us a call for more details about the delicious goodies we offer for different occasions. 

How Did We Start?

S.A.B.’s Snowball Shoppe has the best snowballs in town!!! Our shaved ice is super soft, fluffy, and delectable, and ohhh not to mention the we have the juiciest snowballs ever. Simply an AMAZING combination. We started our family-owned small business in April of 2012. S.A.B.’s represent our three wonderful and handsome sons…..SIDNEY (S), AARON (A), BRENNAN (B), there you have it S.A.B.

In April of 2019, we introduced an edition to the family “VANNY”. Vanny is our mobile unit on wheels better known as a food truck. Vanny makes random appearances around town in the surrounding areas to sell our amazing snowballs and food.

Oh, and did I mention we have amazing homemade chili that we serve on hot sausage po'boys, hot dogs, nachos, and Frito pies. We also sell chili in a cup size or a bulk container size.  It’s a must-try! Vanny also offers private bookings for corporate events, parties, school events, etc. We offer 55 flavors at our shoppe location and 12 flavors on our mobile unit Vanny.

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